Rent To Own

You can Rent to Own with NO CREDIT CHECK!

on EVERY trailer we sell

What’s required:

Valid Driver’s License &

2 – proofs of address (Light bill, Phone bill, Bank statement etc.) If address is correct on your Drivers License that counts as 1.

How much does it cost?

You have an “out the door” amount that includes your loan fee, first month’s payment and tag fee.

Within about 30 days, a trailer tag will arrive at your home address. Super convenient. No worries of getting pulled over for no tag!

Out the Door” cost (based on the value of the trailer)

$2500- $547 down $4000 - $648 down $6000 – $774 down

$8500 - $999 down $11,000 – $1,378 down $16,000 - $1,732 down

$21,000 – $2,187 down $25,000 – $2,390 down

If you would like to put more down, you can!

Monthly payments for next 35 months. Figure about $50 per $1000 trailer cost. Example: $5,000 trailer, figure about $250 per month.

Wow, that’s expensive

It can be. Like a home mortgage, if you take all 30 years to pay , you will pay more than 2x’s the cost of your home. Rent to own is similar.

Can I pay it off early and save $$ Absolutely. There is NEVER a penalty for you to pay off your loan early!